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36" x 48" Board Game Mat Burgundy Felt
36" x 48" Board Game Mat Burgundy Felt Seven Wonders Card Game
36" x 48" Board Game Mat Nonslip Rubber Side with Carcassonne Tiles
Portable Cardboard Storage Tube for Board Game Mat
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 36" x 48" Board Game Mat Burgundy Felt
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 36" x 48" Board Game Mat Burgundy Felt Seven Wonders Card Game
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 36" x 48" Board Game Mat Nonslip Rubber Side with Carcassonne Tiles
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Portable Cardboard Storage Tube for Board Game Mat

36" x 48" Board Game Mat

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Generously sized for dining room tables or games that take up more space, this mat is made in the US from premium nylon felt bonded to a super grippy rubber backing. The high density rubber we use adds weight to ensure the mat will resist curling and lay flat instantly on your table, for a difference in quality you can feel. Can be used felt side up or flipped over to the nonslip side for games where tiles sliding is an issue. Ideal for up to 6 players.

  • Provides perfect cushion so cards can be easily picked up
  • Dampens dice rolling
  • Includes tube for storage and transport
  • Flexible nonslip rubber backing resists curling and lays flat instantly
  • Thickness: Approximately 2mm

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To keep your mat looking new, use a lint roller or lint brush to remove surface dust. For spills use a paper towel to gently blot the liquid. Never rub the felt surface of the mat when it is wet, rubbing will cause damage to the felt. For the rubber side, wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Do not machine wash.

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Kyle D.
Exactly what I was looking for

Great full table top mat for the price, was exactly what I was looking for. Didn't really like using the felt side down as the mat shifted too much, but am really loving the felt side.

Ryan F.

Having seen the reviews, I dove right in. Based on the website pictures, it was the only real solid colour mat on the market and the reviews gave glowing remarks. Very disappointed on what arrived. Upon opening and pulling out the mat, it was a completely different colour than what is shown on the website. The mat itself is almost purple in colour/hue and does not resemble that of the lovely burgundy that is shown in the pictures. The mat also has a strong powerful odour due to the rubber backing. Even after a week of being left out the smell is still noticeable and causes some of the players headaches after long periods of play. I would have returned the product, but seeing as I am an international customer, it would have cost more to get it returned in shipping (coupled with the shipping costs to get it to me from Shipito) than what I paid for the mat in the first place. Very disappointing experience, and product that I had high hopes for.

Kansas City, MO
Game Changer

The Tabletop Companion has made game nights so much easier since everything stays on the table and more enjoyable since it just feels good to play on. High quality product and great customer service.

Magic carpet ride

Lays perfectly flat and it makes your guests go “ooh” and “aah”! Card games are now a joy and dice don’t go bouncing off lost anymore. It also has this mysterious effect whenever it’s out on the table. It makes me want to play—this is the intangible, invaluable aspect that makes this mat so special. It primes me to play, literally rolling out the red carpet to childhood wonder.


Excellent gaming surface - it's really easy to pick up cards from, insulates our dining room table from hard components, and avoids dice roll clatter. The included mini-lint brush was a very nice touch. Great product!

Jerry H.
Sacramento, CA
Love it!

I love playing on my custom-sized tabletop companion mat. I wanted a cover that fit perfectly over my 45" x 45" glass table top and Tabletop Companion was willing to make it for me. Thanks!

All i could hope for

Exceeded my expectations. Laid perfectly flat right out of the tube. Super high quality. Can't imagine gaming without it.

Oliver H.
Melbourne, Australia
Excellent experience

Thumbs up for the whole process: from ordering to delivery and the actual product it's all been terrific.

Boston MA
Premium board game experience

If you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated board game table just yet, this mat is just perfect. Came in perfect condition with a nice storage capsule. The material quality is top notch. It does smell of fresh rubber but I'm sure it will go away after some use. Overall a solid product and I'm glad I made this purchase.

Al M.
Boston, MA
My first gaming mat ever

This is the first gaming mat I've ever bought. I wish I had something to compare this to but I can say that I'm personally very happy with what I have and my only regret was that I didn't buy a second one (I will soon). On a professional note, what attracted me to your product was the very well done marketing campaigns. Being in marketing myself I can appreciate a good campaign when I see one. : ) Once I was on your site, I found it easy to navigate and compare products to find the right one for me and my budget. So I wanted you to know that I think you have a great product and you're doing a great job separating yourselves from the large amount of competition out there. Thanks and I look forward to being a customer again in the future. P.S. the hand written thank you note that came with the shipment was a really nice touch and something that definitely helped me feel like I made the right purchasing decision.