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Our Vision

We believe that everyone should be able to spice up their board game nights with a fancy table no matter their budget.

Whether that’s your dining table, your coffee table, your friend’s table, or even outside on the picnic table, we promise our game mats will give you a luxurious gaming experience and maximize fun. Leaving you counting the days until your next game night.

Our Story

The Tabletop Companion Board Game Mat was created after our founder, Jessica, couldn't find a gaming table that suited her needs. She wanted to keep her gorgeous dining room table with an expandable leaf (and matching chairs!), and didn't have extra room in her small apartment to put a dedicated gaming table. Thus the current offering of dining/gaming table combos wasn't a good fit for her. 

As she searched for an alternative, she couldn't find anything that worked. She wanted something more glamorous and grown up than the graphically busy mats that dominate the market, which weren't designed for board games in the first place. Something free of any artwork. Made from quality materials. One mat to rule them all. No but seriously, who wants to buy a new mat with game-specific artwork for every game they own.

It didn’t exist. So she made one herself. And was so happy with the result that she wanted to share it with you. 

You won’t find a flimsy oversized mousepad in the Tabletop Companion game mat. It’s manufactured from soft nylon felt with a highly dense and super grippy rubber backing, not floppy neoprene. It sticks to your table and lays flat instantly. It weighs a lot. Feels velvety smooth to the touch. 

It’s a mat designed by board gamers specifically for board games. We promise you'll love the flexibility it offers and the tiny amount of space it takes up to store. 

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Tabletop Companion Founder

Meet Our Founder

Jessica grew up in a board gaming family and has loved playing board games her entire life. A scientist by training, solving new and difficult problems keeps her motivated. On the weekends you can also find her playing video games or dabbling in watercolors.

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