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At Tabletop Companion we believe a fancy gaming table shouldn’t be expensive. Our Board Game Mats are made of luxuriously soft felt and a thin but dense rubber backing that will turn any table in your house into a high-end board game table. With a low profile and no complicated graphics our board game mats elevate your gaming experience without getting in the way.

Artwork free burgundy felt board game mat

Looks good under any game

Designed specifically for board and card games, our board game mats are a solid color without logos to allow the artwork from your favorite games to take center stage. 

Keep game tiles in place

The nonslip rubber backing makes sure the mat won't move while you're playing. It can also serve as a second playing surface to keep tiles from shifting during gameplay.

Nonslip rubber board game surface
Board game mat storage cardboard tube


The gaming mat can be easily rolled up and stored in the included tube so you can have the board game table you've always wanted wherever you play.

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