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A Game Changer

Sophisticted. Organized. Effortless. Your game nights will never be the same.


A high quality game table shouldn't be expensive

That's why we designed the Tabletop Companion board game table mat: to offer an upscale gaming table solution that doesn’t require upwards of $2000 and a dedicated room in your house for extra furniture. It converts any table into a premium gaming table by covering it with a luxuriously soft felt mat while saving you money. 

Artwork Free Board Game Mat Solid Burgundy Felt


Designed specifically for board and card games, our board game mat is a solid color without logos to allow the artwork from your favorite games to take center stage. 

Nonslip Board Game Mat Carcassonne Tiles


The nonslip rubber backing makes sure the mat won't move while you're playing. It can also serve as a second playing surface to keep tiles from shifting during gameplay.

Portable Cardboard Storage Tube with End Caps for Board Game Mat


The gaming mat can be easily rolled up and stored in the included tube so you can have the board game table you've always wanted wherever you play.

In addition to a felted surface, the Board Game Mat can be flipped over and used as a nonslip gaming surface that holds tiles in place so you can focus on playing. Get the Complete Game Mat Set to create a nonslip area for board game tiles surrounded by a felted gaming area for organizing cards and other game pieces.

Cards won't stick to the table

24" x 36" Board Game Mat with Easy Card Pickup Demonstration
24" x 36" Board Game Mat with Softer Dice Roll Demonstration

Softer dice rolls


Like having a dedicated portable gaming table. Thanks!

Brent, Portland, OR

It works well for all kinds of games (board, tiles, cards, etc) and it's much better than playing on a table or on my old mat.


Its a great quality product, and it makes playing games so much more enjoyable.


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